Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Curious Case of ML Khattar

It is amusing that politicians cannot hear the voice of the people. Most of the time we hear them repeating the opposite of what the general public is thinking or wants them to do. Since they have a bigger platform they use it to hammer in what they want and create it into a public opinion. Like Mr ML Khattar is doing.

It is not just mishandling of the Law and order situation only that he must resign there are other reasons that he must go.
The Dera Chief has been an undertrial for rape and murder since more than a decade now thanks to our slow judicial system. Despite him being an undertrial what makes these politicians hobnobbing with him. Does it give any confidence to the victims? Doesn't this reach to the CM of a state intimidate the complainant. Doesn't it amount to Criminal Intimidation?
Did the CM or any other politician give his access to the Victims of the Dera Chief?
This was a clear case of complicity and this is the reason why ML Khattar should resign. Immediately. 

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